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Ufone SMS Packages: Find variety of Ufone SMS packages & subscribe for daily, weekly, monthly, yearly SMS bundles. Free messages service on Ufone SIM.

Ufone SMS Packages: Ufone provides variety of Sms packages & bundles for its prepaid customers. Customers can subscribe for daily, weekly, monthly, yearly message Packages. Not only you can subscribe between variety of Sms bundles offered by Ufone, but you can also enjoy one of the best SMS service provided by any telecom company in Pakistan.


Moreover, with Ufone sms bundles, you can chat with your friends, families, and people you love in very low rates, and sometimes unlimited Sms depending of what Ufone sms package you subscribed for, as company claims, “Ufone introduces an unbeatable SMS bundle offer which provides lowest SMS rates to any network in Pakistan.”

Different Ufone SMS Packages

There are different types of Ufone sms packages available. Ufone has divided them into different SMS Bundles. Following are the packages which are currently provided by the Ufone to its customers.

  • Ufone Daily SMS Package
  • Ufone Daily On-net SMS Package
  • Ufone Weekly SMS Package
  • Ufone Fortnightly SMS Package (14 Days)
  • Ufone Monthly SMS Package (30 Days)
  • Ufone Yearly SMS Package
  • Ufone Night SMS Package
  • Ufone Uth FNF SMS Package

You can also avail free messaging service throughout the day after sending 5 messages to any network from your Ufone prepaid SIM card. If you’re not using your Ufone SIM since 1st February 2017, reactive the SIM and get free SMS. In addition, you can also get free sms service by buying a new Ufone SIM, and port-in to Ufone.

For more details, such as how these sms bundle work, how to subscribe or unsubscribe these Ufone sms bundles, what their rates & charges, how much tax of each sms package the customer has to pay, validity of these sms packages, subscription charges, etc. please follow the following details.

How to Subscribe for any Ufone SMS Package?

Subscribing for any Ufone SMS package is very easy and simple. First of all, you must have enough balance in your phone sim to subscribe for the sms package. Now you can go to your messages in your phone, and write a new message.

  1. Write “Sub” in your message
  2. Send this message to the string related to your SMS Bundle. For example SMS “Sub” and sent to 605 for daily sms bundle.


How to UnSubscribe Ufone SMS Packages?

If you don’t want to proceed with any Sms bundle, you can unsubscribe it as well. Please follow the following steps to unsub any Ufone sms package.

  1. Go to messages
  2. Write message “Unsub
  3. Send this sms to “506
  4. Receive the confirmation messages from Ufone Customer Service


Ufone Daily SMS Package

Subscription Charges Rs 3.99 + tax
No. of Free SMS 1,500
Validity 24 Hrs
SMS ‘Sub’ to 605


Ufone Daily On-net SMS Package Offer

Subscription Charges Rs. 2 + tax
Free SMS 500
Validity 24 Hours
SMS ‘Sub’ to 611


Ufone Weekly SMS Package Offer

Subscription Charges Rs. 10 + tax
Free SMS 1200
Validity 07 Days
SMS ‘Sub’ to 608


Subscription Charges Rs. 10 + tax
Free SMS 1200
Validity 7 Days
SMS ‘Sub’ to 608
Note:- This package is only valid for Uth (Youth) Package Customers


Ufone 15 Day SMS Package Offer

Subscription Charges Rs 30 + tax
Free SMS 10,000
Validity 14 days
SMS ‘Sub’ to 603


Ufone Monthly SMS Package Offer

Subscription Charges Rs. 80 + tax
Free SMS 20,000
Validity 30 days
SMS ‘Sub’ to 607


Ufone 45 Day SMS Bucket/Package Offer

Subscription Charges Rs.99 + tax
Free SMS 30,000
Validity 45 Days
SMS ‘Sub’ to 614


Ufone Yearly SMS Package Offer

Subscription Charges Rs. 666 + tax
Free SMS *Unlimited
Validity One Year
SMS ‘Sub’ to 601
* Fair Usage Policy of 100,000 SMS apply


Ufone Night SMS Package Offer

Subscription Charges Rs 1+tax
Free SMS 300
Validity 8 Hrs (12 am to 8 am)
SMS ‘Sub’ to 609


Ufone Uth SMS FnF Package Offer

Subscription Charges Rs. 5 + tax
Free SMS Unlimited
Validity 30 days
SMS ‘Sub’ to 604


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