How to Block Number, Unwanted Calls & SMS on Ufone SIM

Ufone Number Block: If someone is irritating you by making unwanted calls & messages on your Ufone SIM, you can block that number. Now with Ufone Block Service, you do not need to worry anymore. You can block any Ufone number or caller calling at your Ufone SIM from any telecom network sim card. Please find easy to understand step by step guide to block spam calls and SMS below.

How to Block Number on Ufone SIM – Step by Step

Step 1: Activate Ufone Call Block Service

In order to block any number that is calling or messaging, you’re required to activate Ufone Block Service, or (U-Block) service first of all.

  1. Dial 420 from your Ufone number
  2. Press 1 to view the list of blocked callers

You can also write: “sub” and send it to 420 to activate or subscribe for Ufone Block Service.

If you don’t see any blocked numbers, it simply mean that you didn’t block any number yet.

Step 2: Add Number in Block List

Secondly, after you view the block list you’re required to add the desired sim number you want to block on you Ufone number.

  1. Dial 420 from your Ufone number
  2. Press 2 to add number to your blocked list

Step 3: Delete the number

In case you’ve accidentally blocked any number that is not supposed to be block, you can also unblock that number anytime. It is also possible that you’re block list reach the maximum number (20) and you want to add some new spam-my number, then you just need to remove or delete any number from Ufone blocked number list that you feel is not issue now to unblock or add a new number. Its simple and easy!

  1. Dial 420 from your Ufone number
  2. Press 3 to delete number from your blocked list


Ufone Call Block Service Charges

Ufone call block service is not free. It has charges you have to pay. Otherwise the service could not be availed. Once you’ve activated Ufone Block Service, Ufone will charge you Rs. 9.99 per month, that is quite good price for such a nice service, isn’t it?

  • Rs. 9.99 per month

If you don’t have enough balance

Deactivate the Ufone Call Block Service

If you feel that you cannot bear these Ufone Block service charges anymore, or do not feel comfortable with this service, you can deactivate or unsubscribe Ufone block service anytime.

  • Dial 420 and press 4 to deactivate the service.

You can also SMS “unsub” to 420.

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