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Want to study abroad? Looking for a Scholarship you and your parents dreaming for since your childhood? Now no more worries. and its dedicated team brings most updated information about Studies in China, Australia, United States of America, Europe, Canada and whatever country you’re dreaming for outside Pakistan.

Learn about latest scholarships announced by different top Universities & Colleges of the world. Keep in touch with us, as we don’t want you to miss a chance to bring the name of your country in front.

You can also learn complete guide on Advantages and Disadvantages of Study Abroad. Because studying abroad varies case to case. Studying out side of your country is not beneficial for everyone. However, you still need to measure things out and choose the best possible option for you, your parents and your future.

Study Abroad

If you have decided to study abroad, you are at the right place because here, I am going to share every steps you will need to go for study abroad on Scholarships.

Well there are too many countries which are providing scholarships to the international students.

Below are the top countries which are providing scholarships:

China Scholarships For International Students:

Chinese government are offering scholarships for international students, also there are a lot of universities which are offering scholarships every year.

Top Universities of china which are providing scholarships:

  • China University of Mining and Technology

Tuition: 14,600 7,700
Or: 14,600 7,300
Accommodation: 3,000 for one year
Living Expense: 1,600 – 2,050            

  • Southwest University of Science and Technology

Tuition: 17000-20000 0
Accommodation: 0
Living Expense: 0

  • University of Science and Technology Beijing

Tuition: 31,600-37,600 0
Accommodation: 0
Living Expense: 0

  • Kunming Medical University

Tuition: 40,000 0
Accommodation: 0
Living Expense: 0

  • Shanxi University

Tuition: 20,000 0
Accommodation: 0
Living Expense: 0

                For More top Chinese scholarships universities Visit this website:

United States Scholarships for International Students:

  • Avvo Scholarship Program
  • Berkeley College International Student Scholarships
  • Berkeley International Application Form
  • CDTrader Scholarship
  • College Week Live

For more top United States Universities Visit:

United Kingdom Scholarships for International Students:

  • British Chevening Scholarships

UK scholarships for international students funded by the UK Foreign, Commonwealth Office and partner organizations. The scholarships provide full or part funding for full-time graduate programs in any subject.

  • Commonwealth Scholarships for Developing Commonwealth Countries

Scholarships for international students from developing countries in the Commonwealth, for studies at master’s and PhD level. The full list of eligible countries is available here.

  • Commonwealth Shared Scholarship Scheme at UK Universities

UK scholarships for international students undertaking taught master’s programs in the UK. Programs studied must be demonstrably relevant to the development of technology, economy or society within the student’s country of origin.

For more top United Kingdom Universities Visit:

Australia Scholarships for International Students:

  • Australia Awards Scholarships (AAS)

Scholarships to study in Australia for students of all degree levels (bachelors, masters, PhD) hailing from selected countrieswithin the Asia-Pacific region, Africa and the Middle East. Applicants from Indonesia can also apply for the Allison Sudradjat Prize and/or the Hadi Soesastro Prize.

  • Endeavour Postgraduate Scholarships for International Students

A range of merit-based international scholarships to study in Australia. Funded by the Australian government and available to postgraduate students from the Asia-Pacific region, Middle East, Europe and the Americas.

  • Australia International Postgraduate Research Scholarships (IPRS)

Postgraduate-level Australian scholarships for international students from all regions (excluding Australia and New Zealand) to study towards a research degree at a participating Australian university.

For more top Australia Universities Visit:

These are the top universities of the top countries which are offering scholarships (Everything Free). Google all these universities for more information. I hope you people will like this post.

Please comment below if you have any questions.

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