PU BA/BSc Annual Exam Question Papers 2017 – University of the Punjab

Punjab University BA/BSc Annual Exam Question Papers 2017: Get University of the Punjab (PU) question papers of Bachelor (Graduation) exams 2017 annual here online. You can view online or download the examination paper and prepare your supply exams 2017 or annual BA, BSc exams 2018 by PU next year.

Computer Studies Paper A (Composite) Examination

Education-I Paper 1 Annual (Group-I) – 1st Time

Education-I Paper 1, Annual (Group-II) 2nd Time

English (For B.Sc. Candidates) Annual

English (For B.Sc. Candidates) Paper Compulsory – Annual

English Language Paper A (Group-I) 1st Time

English Language Paper A (Group-II) 2nd Time

English Language-I Paper 1 (Compulsory) – (Group-I) 1st Time

English Language-I Paper-1 Compulsory (Group-II) 2nd Time

English Language-II Paper 2 Compulsory (Group-I) 1st Time

English Language-II Paper 2 Compulsory (Group-II) 2nd Time

English Literature-I Paper 1

Islamiat & Ethics

Geography-I Paper Physical and Human Geography) Part – 1

History-I Paper 1 [ (i), (ii) & (iii) Part – 1

History-II Paper 2 ([ (i), (ii) & (iii)] Part – 2

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