Get PTCL Landline Duplicate Bill Online – Dowload & View DBill Guide

PTCL Landline Duplicate Bill: Find DBill of your PTCL Landline telephone or internet service with step by step guide in PDF. Also download, view & check duplicate copy of your landline PTCL bill online here for free. We’ve provided complete information on PTCL Landline Duplicate Bill just like PTCL eVO Duplicate Bill for Charji and Wingle services.

Duplicate Bill of Landline PTCL

Pakistan Telecommunication Company Limited (PTCL) is the leading telecommunication company in Pakistan. The company provides telephonic and Internet services nationwide, and one of its telephone & internet service is landline.

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PTCL ask for its landline service charges on monthly basis. Charges consist of line rent and variable usage of service. Customers are required to pay their PTCL landline bills before due date. Otherwise they have to pay extra charges, and on extreme delay in bill payment, they might lost their PTCL Landline connection.

Need of PTCL Landline Duplicate Bill

Many times, customers require duplicate copy of their original PTCL landline bill. There may be many reasons, like they’ve lost their original bill, or they required it in any emergency like league documentation etc. Whatever the case may be, PTCL provides online service where customers are facilitated to get their PTCL Landline Duplicate Bill online in PDF. Customers can also download, view or just check their PTCL Landline DBill online anytime, from anywhere with their web enabled PC or Smartphone. Find how to get PTCL Landline Duplicate Bill online with step by step guide given below.

Get PTCL Landline Duplicate Bill – Step by Step

Step 1: Visit the Official DBill Page of PTCL web portal at URL:

Step 2: Click or tap the option “PTCL Landline Bill

Step 3: Under the “PTCL Subscriber Information” title, enter the Phone Number and Account ID in the relevant fields. Don’t enter the Phone No with area code. Remember, Account ID is also refers to Customer ID.


Step 4: Finally, click or tap the “Search” button to get your DBill online.

Note: To Print the bill, PDF Acrobat Reader must be installed on your system, if it is not the case, please Click here.

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