Top 10 Professional Courses After 12th for Indian Students

There are different ways to choose further education after school in India. One of the best ways is to finish the professional courses. Although there are various of them in our country, one thing is common for them all – they will completely change your life and will give you a nice opportunity to get enough skills for a successful career.

Professional Courses After 12th

The advantages of education in India are obvious. Due to the fact that this country is one of the former British colonies, in the sphere of education, we adhere to English traditions, and the teaching process itself is conducted here in English, which is an undoubted advantage over other countries of Asia.

Nevertheless, the use of ancestral languages in different countries to obtain bachelor’s and master’s degrees. In the higher educational institutions of India today there is an ordinary three-level system of education: a bachelor’s degree, a master’s degree, a doctorate. Along with the huge quantities that can be useful in India, pharmacology, jewelry, and management are taught. Also, it is necessary to note technological and engineering specialties.

A big number of huge companies are concentrated in India, large-scale projects are being implemented in the field of information technologies, therefore engineers, programmers, and IT specialists are incredibly in demand. Specialists in the technical field here are trained at the highest level, so most of the graduates of technical specialties are invited to work with the largest US companies.

So, here is the list of best professional courses.

  1. Professional courses in law:

Law studies seem always to be in demand in India, although there are 400,000 graduates annually with law degrees. Students can choose the course at government colleges which lasts five years. The course is called Bachelor of Arts and Legum Baccalaureus, and its price is around Rs. 200,000.

  1. Professional courses in journalism:

Advertising and digital news are very popular and demanded professions nowadays. Media and journalism studies courses last three years, where you can get a degree as a Bachelor of Mass Communication and Journalism. Its total price is around Rs. 300,000.

  1. Professional courses in engineering:

There are different branches you can opt from in the field of engineering. All of them are career oriented, and you can study them in government universities or private colleges. The course lasts 5 years, its cost is Rs. 500,000.

  1. Professional courses in architecture:

Bachelor of Architecture (BArch) course lasts five years and costs  Rs. 400,000 approximately. It s a very popular course in many universities, and 50 000 students graduate annually after it.

  1. Professional courses in medicine:

Among the professional courses after 12th , the medical field will always stay in the high demand. You can find this course in all the parts of India, and it includes different spheres, as Bachelor of Medicine, Science, Ayurveda Medicine and Science, Unani Medicine and Science, Homeopathic Medicine and Science, Dental Surgery. The price depends on the chosen branch of the course, so it can cost Rs. 400,000 to Rs. 900,000.

  1. Professional courses in pharmacy:

You can choose from various universities to become a pharmacist in India. There are many governmental and private healthcare facilities, so the pharmacy courses are gaining popularity. They last for 3 years and cost Rs. 100,000 to Rs. 200,000.

  1. Professional courses in IT and web design:

Indian IT experts are very popular around the world. Indian Web design courses offer to get Bachelor of Computer Science and Computer Management and last 3 years. The course is offered in different colleges and universities, so the price differs from Rs. 400,000 to Rs. 1 million.

  1. Professional courses for a chartered accountant:

The course lasts from three to five years, allows to have a part-time job while having it. This is the cheapest course, about Rs. 50,000, nevertheless, only 3% of students are able to complete the course.

  1. Professional courses in nursing:

There is a huge demand for nurses of both sexes and caregivers in the health care hospitals in our country. You can get a degree in various medicine study universities for about Rs. 200,000 approximately.

  1. Professional courses for a commercial pilot:

Qualified commercial pilots are in demand in India, where the aviation sector is very strong. There are only a few training institutes for pilots, so most of the students have to study abroad. The course costs Rs.2.5+ million.


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