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    >>>pakistan institude of applied and social seinces(PIASS)<<<


The  PIASS collage was established in 2017 as the highest seat of learning in teacher education with clear goals and objectives of producing quality teachers of international standards. Among other related objectives set before the PIASS, some are to:

  • Bring quality change in education focusing on teacher education.
  • Promote governance, leadership and management skills among educational managers.
  • Promote teaching and learning innovations.
  • Develop human resource for educational institutions and other areas of high social and economic need

PIASS collage designed curriculum and established instructional and media laboratories to provide opportunity to its students and faculty of experimental and experiential learning. This encouraged and enhanced conceptual learning and application. The media laboratories serve as modern gadget to access the virtual material for learning and research by students and faculty of the University.

In addition to offering degree programs, the PIASS adopts multi pronged strategies like faculty development through holding workshops, seminars, short and advanced courses. Postgraduate Diploma and Teaching Certificate for faculty needs a special mention. This program focuses on capacity development of the faculty in response to the emerging needs of the time. Foreign scholarships are also awarded to attract the best available talent for faculty.

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For harmonious and all round growth and development of students’ personalities and character building, sports and other co-curricular activities such as debates, speeches, dramas, art exhibitions and other healthy activities are organized regularly. Students are motivated to learn the art of peaceful co-existence and finding solutions to the problems through dialogues and discussions. Due to such initiatives significant changes could be observed in the outlook and behavior of the students. It is due to these earnest efforts, meticulous diligence and untiring strife that PIASS graduates are fitting in well at home and abroad in the system as well as in the employment market which indeed is a matter of pride for PIASS.

beloved teachers , Special Teacher and honour for us..


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