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Jobs are available in Pakistan Railway. To be a suitable candidate for this job, a person is required to take exam under PTS. PTS stands for Pakistan Testing Service. PTS is newly launched testing service in Pakistan after long period of overwhelming authoritative position of NTS (National Testing Service).

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Unlike to NTS, Pakistan Testing Service acts directly as government body and energizes merit base examination for government jobs. However, is an organization in Pakistan that administers academic performance evaluation tests, which is very much similar to Educational Testing Service (ETS) in the United States.

With the help of Pakistan Testing Services, the organizations are empowered to hire candidates for their prospective positions requiring right candidature and exposure. However, there are rumors that after the foundation of PTS in 2017, NTS may probably lost their monopolistic position to the death end in near future as a private body.

But this is a premature statement to be passed. Nevertheless, our topic is not either to discuss PTS verses NTS. The topic is that PTS is organizing exams or tests for jobs in Pakistan Railways. Interested people can download Application Form online and apply for the PTS for railways job before 8 March 2017. Please Download the form in PDF below and submit to the address before the due date.

Note: – There is NO online registration.

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