Find Duplicate Copy of PTCL eVo DBill Online – Step by Step Guide

eVO Duplicate Bill: Get the Duplicate Bill of PTCL eVO. Copy of Duplicate PTCL eVo Bill is available here. You can download, view, print or check your DBill of eVo PTCL. Also learn to get PTCL Duplicate Bill online with easy to understand step by step guide.


What is Duplicate Bill of eVO PTCL?

Pakistan Telecommunication Company Limited (PTCL) is the leading telecommunication company in Pakistan. The company provides telephonic and Internet services nationwide, and one of its internet service is eVO. PTCL provides wireless broadband based on EvDO Rev A and B and LTE technology with the brand name of EVO.

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Now, PTCL also offers fastest 4G LTE on existing 1900Mhz WLL frequency with the brand name of CharJi EVO.

Requirement of Duplicate Bill of eVO PTCL

PTCL sends bills to Evo Customers every month like January, February, March, April, May, June, July, August, September, October, November, and eVO bill of December. Customers are required to pay their eVO bill dues before due date of every month. Otherwise, they’ve to pay extra fine to sometimes disconnection of eVO service. Visitors can find their PTCL eVO bill online from 2016, 2017 to coming 2018 as well.

People are required to pay the bill of PTCL eVO service, in prepaid and post paid. Whether they are using simple eVO service of CharJi EVO package, if they’ve lost original copy of their eVo duplicate bill, or want to check, download, print or view their DBill online, they can get it from here. Please learn step by step guide how you can check PTCL DBill of eVO online.

Check PTCL eVO Duplicate Bill Online – Step by Step

Step 1: Visit the Official DBill Page of PTCL online at:

Step 2: Click or tap the option “PTCL eVO Bill“.

Step 3: Enter the MDN and ESN numbers in relevant fields.


Step 4: Finally, click or tap the button “Search” to get your PTCL eVO Duplicate Bill.


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