Computer Science Guess Paper – 9th Class Guess Papers Annual Examination 2017

9th Computer Guess Paper: Hurry up! and Find (SSC-1) 9th class Guess Paper of annual examination 2017 of Computer Science. All guess papers of Computer paper are given below. Feel free to download or view Computer Science 9th class Guess Paper 2017 online. All possible short and long questions are given of Computer paper. Guess papers are made solved for the easiness of 9th class Chemist students.

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Download now and learn Comp important MCQs and long questions and answers for all boards of Punjab. These 9th class of matric Computer guess papers are applicable for BISE Lahore board, Gujranwala board, Faisalabad board, Multan board, Rawalpindi board, Sargodha board, DG Khan board, Bahawalpur board, Sahiwal board of Intermediate & Secondary Education. You can also find 9th class Bio Guess paper.

Computer Solved Guess Paper

  • Ch.1: Abacus, analytical engine, the modern stored program EDC, Advancment in 1950s to 1960s, 2nd & 3rd generation, Types of computer, super & micro computers, Use of computer in education, simulation, banks, Basic, Cobol, C&C++, Java, Lisp, language translator,
  • Ch.2: CPU, ALU, BUS, USB, Parallel ports,
  • Ch.3: keyboard, Mouse, microphone, joystick, monitors, Dot-matrix, leser printers, ploters,
  • Ch.4: RAM & ROM, memory units, Formatting , data organization Floppy,
  • Ch.5: data intimation, types of data, numbr systm introductn,1’s & 2’s comrlment, computers codes Q#6 to18.
  • Ch.6: Identity elemnts, bolen Laws, daulity principle, AND, OR, NOT operatn, Q1, 2, 3,4,5,6,7
  • Ch.7: Types of operatng systm, DOS,Types of DOS, comands, CLS, Time, Date, Dir, MD, RD, VOL, VER, XCopy, Q.1,5,6,13,
  • Ch.8: folder, File extension, Icon, Start buton, Mouse, Short cuts, Help,Virus, Anti virus, Q,5,8.

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