Biology Guess Paper – 9th Class Guess Papers Annual Examination 2017

Biology Guess Paper: Hurry up! and Find 9th class Guess Paper of annual examination 2017 of Biology. All SSC-1 Bio guess papers are given below.

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Feel free to download or view Biology 9th class Guess Paper 2017 online. All possible short and long questions (topics) are given of Biology paper part-1. Guess papers are also made solved for the easiness of 9th class Biology students.

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Download now and learn MCQs and long questions and answers for all boards of Punjab. These 9th class Biology guess papers are applicable for BISE Lahore board, Gujranwala board, Faisalabad board, Multan board, Rawalpindi board, Sargodha board, DG Khan board, Bahawalpur board, Sahiwal board of Intermediate & Secondary Education. Students are also searching for 9th Class Computer Solved Guess Paper.

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Guess Biology 9th Class

branches of biology, organelend orgn systm level, comunity level, colonial organizatn, importnt organ systm, function of frog, hypothesis of AFA Kingdom, aims of clasifiction, two kingdon clasifction, signification of binomial nomenclature, endangrd species in pakstan, electron microscope, princples of cel theory, endoplasmic reticulum, exoskeleton, difusion, water balance problm, conective tissues, suport tisues, cytokinesis, meiosis-1 [continue…]

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… signifnce of meiosis, apoptosis, characteristics of enzymes, factor afect the rate of enzymes action, ATP, Dark rectin, limitng factors in photosynthesis, importance of fermetation, energy budget of respirtn, minerals, vitamin A,D, dietry fibers, mineral deficiency disease, small intestine, disords of gut, liver, transpiratn, presure flow mechanism, leukocytes, blod disorder, blod transfusion, arteries, venus systm, atherosclerosis, myocardial infarctin, MCQ,s from all exercise!

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