Back to School Tips for the Parents

Tips for the Parents: Summer has ended and schools are early mornings are buzzing with school buses, students, school lunches being prepared and children waiting to be re-united with their friends.

But how can we make the transition from vacations to a full-blown routine involving school, home works, quizzes and various other extracurricular activities for kids that our children will have to face.

Let’s start off with ‘A family that shops together, sticks together’

Time to get those supplies for your children to get them excited about school and of course education. From pencils, pens erasers, sharpeners, school bags and that new cool notebook for them to take notes in.

Every child loves to shop with the latest and coolest things, and what better way to use that interest than to buy them school supplies, so that they look forward to going back to school. Buhatala online shopping store in Pakistan bring back to school collection for kids with coolest and interesting things.

Encourage them to join extracurricular

We want our kids to have a little bit of both worlds, hard work and play. Encourage your child to join various extracurricular activities which will help them a lot in their physical and character building. You do not want your child to just dwell in studies and eventually lose interest, nor do you want them to play only and fail at education.

Get to know them better each day

School can get hectic for some kids; each child is different and unique. It’s good to sit with your child and have a light-hearted conversation and bond with them, you may have been doing that already but it is essential to do that once they are in school again because you would want to know their fears, troubles, about new friends, teachers, influences and bullies.

A parent needs to be updated about these things, so you can guide them accordingly. You improve your relationship with your child in the process and see them develop changes in their personalities and monitor them as they grow older.

Help them recognize their goals in life

As kids their goals will keep on changing, with being promoted to higher grades and being exposed to more technology – Their focus will constantly shift, with an occasional indecisiveness.

Not all kids though, some may be headstrong about what they want in life, what they want to be in life. As parents, we can try to recognize their talents and help them to polish those skills and talents; help them gain confidence to believe in themselves and their individuality.

Be present in their Parent Teacher Meetings

Get to know their teachers better, it will help your child significantly and you, to understand your child’s behavior at school and work around your strategies accordingly to assist your child into becoming better at studies and a greater human being.

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