2nd Year Physics Guess Paper 2017 – FA/F.Sc/ICS/I.Com Guess Questions

Find 2nd year Physics guess paper for 2017 inter exams for class FA, F.Sc, ICS, and I.Com. You can check both subjective & objective guess important question of physics 2nd year 2017 annual exams. Chapter by chapter important questions are given from Physics text book collected by experience teachers of 12th class inter part-2. Please check following HSSC-2 important guess question of physics 2017 annual exams.

SEE CHECK: HSSC Inter Date Sheet 2017 Part-2

2nd Year Physics Guess Long Questions

Chapter 12

coulomb law, gauss law its application absolute potential, charge on electron, energy stored capacitor

Chapter 13

ohm law, resistivity and dependence upon temp, electromotive force & potential diff,kirchoff 2nd rule, wheatstone bridge

Chapter 14

ampere law &field through solenoid, e/m electron galvonometer & conversion ammeter, voltmeter

Chapter 15

faraday law, lenz law,mutual induction, energy stored inductor, A.C generator, transformer

Chapter 16

A.c through capacitor, R-C & R-L-C series resonance circuits, E.M.W generation

Chapter 17

stain energy, band theory, hysteresis loop,

Chapter 18

full wave rectification,transistor amplifer,OP,AMP,inverting & non inverting

Chapter 19

photoelectric effect& Einstein explanation, Compton effect, uncertainty,

Chapter 2o

x-ray, laser

Chapter 21

mass spectrongraph, half life, nuclear fission, nuclear reactor.


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