GUESS Paper for PHYSICS – 10th Class 1st Annual 2017 2nd March 2017

Guess Paper For All Punjab Boards

Here you will find part of the guess paper of physics for 10th class exam 2017. Please view and learn Short Question expected to come in upcoming physics paper of 10th class in both first and second time. The physics paper is also expected to held on 2nd March 2017, for all BISE boards of Punjab.


Ultrasound: Law of Reflection Coulomb’ s Law Electric Power Step-Up/Step-Down Transformer Mutual Induction.

Joule’s Law and Formula: Electric Field Intensity Potential Difference Electric Field of Lines Electric Current and its Unit Galvanometer and Ammeter Critical Angle and Refractive Index Digital and Analog Simple Harmonic Motion Expression Total Internal Reflection Fleming’s Law Isotopes Ohm’s Law Pitch & Intensity of Sound Conductor and Insulator Uses of Internet Resistance.

AND OR Gates Symbol: Truth Table Hardware and Software Nuclear Fission and Fusion.

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